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I am Kathryn Follon, a professional, qualified complementary therapist specialising in Reiki Energy Healing and Bach Flower Remedies. After many years of running a successful business in Edinburgh my husband and I relocated to our seaside home in the beautiful fishing village of St Monans in the East Neuk of Fife for a more peaceful, balanced and relaxed lifestyle.  

I discovered Reiki (or it discovered me!) during the stressful years of running my business and it has certainly changed my life very much for the better and has helped me to find the inner peace and happiness that I had been searching for. After receiving many sessions of Reiki I experienced wonderful positive changes in my life I decided that I wanted to become a practitioner myself so that I could share it's amazing benefits with others.

I have always been interested in flowers and nature and found myself drawn to Dr Bach's Flower Remedies after using his Emergency Essence (Rescue Remedy) to help calm my nerves before business presentations. I was amazed at how effective it was and was intrigued to learn more. My interest was heightened when I discovered that there is a remedy for each and every one of our emotions so it really can help with any situation. The Flower Remedies work well with Reiki and they have opened up a whole new world of great opportunities for me.

Professional Memberships:-
UK Reiki Federation Practitioner Member ( )
Registered Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner (
Member of Confederation of Registered Essence Practitioners (


MBA 1998

First Degree Reiki Attunement 31/7/05

Second Degree Reiki Attunement 8/10/09

Reiki Master Attunement 8/7/16

Dr Bach's Flower Remedies Level 1 30/5/10

Dr Bach's Flower Remedies Level 2 3/10/10

Dr Bach's Flower Remedies Level 3 Nov 2011

Reiki Lineage:-
This shows the Reiki Masters who have passed the energy and teachings of the founder Dr Mikao Usui to me.
is the line of teaching similar to a family tree and reflects the information that will be passed on to a student.

Dr Mikao Usui

Dr Chujiro Hayashi

Hawaya Takata

Dr Barbara Webber Ray

Ingrid Sinclair

Elsie Stark

Sharon Rossi

Kathryn Follon


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Call today for an appointment or for further information on 07776 197677

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