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"Health depends on being in harmony with our souls" Dr Edward Bach

Reiki means "universal life energy" and is a healing energy that boosts your own natural ability to heal by balancing your energies on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The energy works wherever it is most needed, releasing blockages, cleansing the body of toxins and working to create a state of total harmony. Regular Reiki treatments promote inner peace and balance, a greater sense of well being, a deeper connection with self and others and a profound overall calming effect. Reiki helps you to form lifestyle and attitude changes to enjoy a healthier and happier life. Reiki healing is suitable for everyone and is a great tonic - even if you enjoy good health it will help you to maintain and enhance it.

Animals respond well to both Reiki healing and Bach Flower Remedies. These remedies can be used to help them to settle into new environments, reduce fears, build trusting, loving relationships and to protect them against any external negativities. Just add drops of Bach Remedies to their water or administer direct to the mouth. Reiki helps to provide animals with a greater sense of peace and balance.

Reiki Room Cleansing can clear away any stagnant or negative energy that may have built up over the years in your home or office. Room cleansing can greatly improve the energy of the room and will positively affect it's occupants. After the session rooms feel energetically lighter and fresher. Can help to create a warm, peaceful atmosphere that can help with selling a house.

Distance Reiki  It does not matter if you live next door or on the other side of the world the Reiki will reach you just the same. It is equally as strong as a face to face session and I can send distance Reiki to you when you are relaxing at home or even during your sleep. A great gift for anyone recovering from an illness or who is unable to spare the time to travel to a session.

Bach Flower Remedies can help us to manage our emotions and are 100% natural and safe to take alongside any other medication. The remedies can help to transform negative emotions into positive ones and stimulate the potential for self healing. Dr Bach discovered 38 remedies, each for a specific emotional state, and his philosophy was that health and happiness stems from being in harmony with our own nature. Dr Bach formulated Rescue Remedy in the 1930's and it's now world famous for helping to restore inner calm. After a full consultation I prepare a customised remedy of Bach essences to suit your own individual needs. All you need to do is to take four drops four times a day in any drink or directly into the mouth for about three weeks. The remedies can help with all emotional issues including sleep, stress, weight loss, fears and phobias, confidence, trauma, improving energy levels and emotional eating. Bach Remedies are available by phone, FaceTime, Skype, Whatsapp, email or face to face.

Emotional Eating or comfort eating can be considerably reduced by the use of a carefully selected personalised Bach Flower Remedy. The reason why dieting alone does not normally result in long term weight loss is because we fail to address the underlying emotional reasons behind our eating habits. A full consultation can help to unveil these negative emotions and a personalised Bach Flower Remedy can then be mixed to help to ease these emotions so that the urge to overeat will reduce. The most common reasons for emotional eating are a poor self image, the inability to stay in control (of eating) and the need to change old stuck bad habits. Other reasons include anger, feeling sorry for yourself, being overworked or depressed. Many clients find that after taking Bach Flower Remedies for other reasons they lose weight anyway just because they are more positive and emotionally balanced.

Sleep is essential for recharging our batteries and self healing. The most common reason for sleep deprivation is a "chattering mind" that continually throws up unwanted thoughts and mental arguments in the middle of the night when you should be enjoying a good sleep. There is a remedy that can help to reduce the chattering mind and help you to get a good night's sleep. Of course there are other reasons why some people do not enjoy a good night's sleep including worry, depression,fears, being overworked or old bad habits. A full consultation would help you to discover what you need to help you to improve your sleeping patterns and leave you rested and recharged each day. A personalised remedy can then be made to suit your exact needs.

Complementary Therapies for Companies

I offer a fun, informative and interactive Bach Remedy Workshop that can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation and includes the following:-

Identifying common symptoms and causes of stress in the workplace

7 point stress busters

An introduction to Bach Flower Remedies

Key remedies for the workplace

Exercise on remedy selection

Selecting remedies for your own personal mix

I also offer talks and onsite Reiki to enable your staff to benefit from this amazing healing energy which balances and heals the body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Further details available on request.

I am available to give talks to any small or large group.

Call today for an appointment or for further information on 07776 197677

Gift vouchers available

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