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"I've definitely felt a difference already from taking the Bach Remedy. I feel a bit calmer and able to control my emotions better and although I do get some negative thoughts they seem to disappear immediately rather than hang around for ages and worsen as they did previously."


"After looking for a while for a practitioner in Reiki, I was delighted to meet Kathryn and hear her talk about Reiki and then later to experience treatments from her. I have had several treatments now and find it a very relaxing and beneficial experience. It's very hard to describe how you feel both during and after the treatment but for me it is an uplifting and re-balancing experience. Kathryn instantly makes you feel at ease and comfortable in her presence and I am so glad to have met her"


" A Reiki session with Kathryn is a blissful escape from today's busy lifestyle. I've found Reiki combined with Bach Flower Remedies to be very beneficial for maintaining good health!"


"Very skilled practitioner.  Kathryn helped me with remote Reiki to clear the energy of a house prior to sale.  It was very effective."


"The first time I experienced a personalised Bach Flower Remedy treatment Kathryn gave me a very thorough initial consultation and together we pinpointed the areas to focus on. I wasn't sure what to expect but the remedy that she mixed for me was surprisingly effective. I felt like I had had a detox for the first few days and then quite naturally my energy and well being came into balance. The whole remedy process is very natural and subtle, a bit like Kathryn herself, who has a wonderful, calm energy and a very empathetic approach. I can highly recommend Bach Flower Remedies for anyone who feels they need an emotional boost."


" I have benefited so much from the Reiki sessions with Kathryn. I would recommend it to anyone who is experiencing stress related depression and anxiety."


" I am feeling SO much better for taking the Bach Remedy - very powerful stuff!!


"I requested a mix of Bach Flower Remedies for "Emotional Eating" from Kathryn as I thought that this might solve my problem of eating between meals - and indeed it did - much to my surprise as I had no previous experience of the remedies."


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